What Is An Excision?

An excision is the surgical removal of a skin lesion or growth for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. This procedure is commonly performed by dermatologists to address various skin issues, most commonly skin cancers, but also abnormal moles, cysts, tumors, or other growths. The excision involves the removal of the affected tissue along with a margin of healthy skin to ensure complete removal. After the excision, the removed tissue is sent for further examination in a lab to determine if it is benign or malignant. The procedure aims to treat skin conditions and prevent the spread of potentially harmful growths. Patients receive local anesthesia to numb the area before the procedure. Recovery time and postoperative care depend on the specific details of the excision. Our office provides detailed instructions and will guide you every step of the way. 

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Patient Testimonials

Anderson Ln.

“I had the smoothest, nicest and memorable experience with EVERY SINGLE person under that roof. If i need to, i’ll return for their services without a second thought.”

- T.Y.
Bryker Woods

I have seen Courtney for years and travel 2 hours to see her. She is very knowledgeable and I feel like she truly cares about my health. She’s the best!

- P.T.
Anderson Ln.

I’m happy to say that Dr. Simi Cadmus and PA Courtney Scamardo are continuing Dr. Katherine Farady’s high standards of care and service. Good dermatologists are hard to find; I strongly recommend this entire practice.

- B.E.
34th & West

Shareen Coover is the practitioner I saw and she is absolutely wonderful. Her bedside manner is so lovely and she is extremely thorough when I go for my annual skin check I highly recommend this practice.

- L.M.
34th & West

I’ve been a patient at Central Austin Derm for many many years, and specifically a patient of Shirien for many of those years. I never feel like she is in a rush, even if she is having a busy day. She explains what she is doing, listens to what concerns me, and is warmly professional.

- C.T.
Anderson Ln.

The staff is extremely attentive and professional. And Courtney is the best you’ll ever meet. Very knowledgeable, professional and caring.

- G.J.